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I have read Markets Wizards; Reminiscences of a Stock Operator; Fooled By Randomness

  1. None of the above

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  2. One of the above

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  3. Two of the above

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  4. All of the above

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    Which have you read
  2. FGBS


    Read all and will end up reading Tim's book at some point in time...
  3. I have read An American Hedge Fund by Timathy Sykes, why is that not in the poll?
  4. umm... this is sad. I had to vote "none of the above" :(
  5. Read Ugly Americans.
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    Is that about the guys in Japan?
  7. I've read Tim's book (he asked me to review it pre-publication), plus Wizards and Reminiscences, but not Fooled as yet. Of the ones I've read, Wizards is far and away the best, IMHO.
  8. are you a professional book reader?? or a wanna be trader?
  9. Been trading for 20 years. Been reading for a lot longer than that, but so far nobody's paid me for it. Don't even care to think about all the $$ I've spent on books over the years. :)
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    What is your favorite trading book?
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