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  1. Baron

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    I need some book titles to help me populate the book review system that's being built for this site.

    Initially, there will be three categories: day trading, swing trading, and options trading.

    In each category, I need about 30 books each. So if several people could post some books they have recently purchased that would fit into any of those categories, that would be helpful.

    Keep in mind that the titles you post do not necessarily have to be good. If you've recently bought a book that sucked, post that too. However, please reserve your opinion of each book you post until the review system is complete. At this point, I need titles only.


  2. Baron,

    Here are some titles that I have benefited from.

    Trade your way to Financial Freedom- Van K. Tharp
    Trading for a Living- Elder
    How to Make Money in Stocks- William O'Neil
    24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success- W. O'Neil

    Best regards,

  3. Baron, besides the books mentioned already above, here my suggestions :

    How I trade for a living, Gary Smith ( not Gary B. Smith ! )
    The Undergroundtrader, Yea Ju
    The Swingtrader, Allan S. Farley
    The Afterhours Trader, Michael Sincere
    The Longterm Daytrader, Michael Sincere
    The Electronic Daytrader, Marc Friedfertig
    The Stocktrader , Tony Oz
    Stocktrading Wizard, Tony Oz
    The complete Daytrader : Trading systems....., Jake Bernstein
    Hit & Run Trading I + II, Jeff Cooper
    Technical Analysis from A - Z Steven B. Achelis
    The Market Wizards II, Jack D. Schwager
    DeMark on Daytrading Options, Tom DeMark
    The Options Course ( and Coursebook ), George Fontanills
    Intermarket Technical Analysis , John Murphy
    Introduction to Technical Analysis, Martin Pring

    well - have to check what else I have in my library.


  4. WarEagle

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    Here are some more:

    Electronic Day Trader's Secrets - Mark Friedfertig
    Electronic Day Trading Made Easy - Misha Sarkovich
    The Market Maker's Edge - Josh Lukeman
    Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader - Oliver Velez
    Electronic Daytrading to Win - Bob Baird
    A Beginner's Guide to Daytrading Online - Toni Turner
    Day Trade Online - Chris Farrell
    Day Trade Part-Time - John Cook
    Day Trading into the Millennium - Michael Turner
    Electronic Day Trading 101 - Sunny Harris
    Electronic Trading Guide for Nasdaq Level 2 - Online Trading Academy
    The Strategic Electronic Daytrader - Robert Deel
    Strategies for the Online Daytrader - Fernando Gonzalez
    What Works in Online Daytrading - Mark Etzkorn

    How I Trade Options - Jon Najarian

    Swing Trading:
    The Master Swing Trader - Alan Farley
    Electronic Swing Trading for Maximum Profit - Misha Sarkovich

    Misc. (I don't know if these fit any of your categories)
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefevre
    Long-Term Secrets of Short-Term Trading - Larry Williams
    Stock Market Wizards: Interview's with America's Top Stock Traders - Jack Schwager


  5. Dustin


    A couple I haven't seen listed yet are:

    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends - Edwards & Magee
    Trading With Oscillators - Mark Etzkorn
  6. Baron,
    What about a technical analysis catagory?

    Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets-Murphy
    Technical Analysis Explained-Pring
    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques-Nison
    Beyond Candlesticks-Nison
    Trader Vic-Victor Sperandeo
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    A TA category shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Ok

    money management /daytrading:
    Financial Freedom through Electronic Daytrading

    Martin Zweig Winning on Wall Street

    not sure?:
    Market Wizards
    New Market Wizards
    Stock Market Wizards

    just plain good:

    The Art of War Sun Tzu

    trading mistakes people make I guess psychology:
    Mind Traps by Roland Barach

    money management:
    Trade your Way to financial Freedom

    swing trading:

    Tricks of The Floor Trader by Neal Weintrab

    technical analysis:
    Computer Analysis of the Futures Market Charles LeBeau

    not sure I guess money management:

    Trading Sex and Dying

    Daytrading/swing trading:
    Trading with The Odds Cynthia Case

    Position trading/ motivational:
    How I Made 2 Million Dollars in the Stock Market- N Darvas

    swing/day trading:
    Street Smarts By Laurence A. Connors, Linda B. Raschke.

    Idiot's Guide to Daytrading

    Traders Tales (interesting stories)

    Zen in the Markets

    so many don't know how to classify:

    What I learned Losing 1 Million

    short term trading:
    Aerodynamic Trading

    all timeframes:
    It is when you sell that counts

    Trading in the Zone

    Art of Short Selling
    Effective Short Selling

    Slightly off subject but still helped my trading

    more on psychology which I consider the most important category

    Peak Performance COurse

    Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power
    Books by Enid Vien
    Course in Miracles
    Nothing by Jimmy SLoman

    There is a start. I've got a lot more to recommend I'll post more when I get some time
    Thank Baron

    Robert Tharp
  9. ok a few books I can't stand

    if it has the NAME WADE COOk for options
    Secrets of the SOes Bandit

    The Electronic Daytrader

    Compleat Daytrader Jake Berstein

    Potty Training for Traders (belongs in the bathroom)

    Timing the Market

    THe new Money Management Ralph Vince

    there is a lot more on book I believe aren't worth the paper printed on.


  10. Lancer


    Books for review (all excellent):

    SwingTrading -
    The Master Swing Trader (Alan Farley)

    DayTrading -
    The Nasdaq Trader's Toolkit (Rogan LaBier)
    The Guide to Electronic Trading (Jea Yu)
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