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  1. I have John Murphys "intermarket technical analysis", read it twice and would be willing to trade for a book on Japanese candlestick charting. If you are interested PM me and i`ll get back to you on Monday.
  2. beyond the necessary basics, your too smart to spend alot of time on that stuff. Spend it on market moves and timing.
  3. I truly do appreciate the comment OVER! :cool: But the main reason for wanting the book is for reading material, I cant get enough of it. I have not been trading a long time compared to you guys (just about 17 months). My thirst for knowledge is insatiable..anything to do with trading has to be gobbled up. The relevance of it sometimes irrelevant. For instance, I dont think I would rely on Elliot Wave analysis or Gann`s theories but I sure do want to know the basics.

  4. I too can't seem to get enough! It always makes for interesting reading. However, there are so many books out there and they are usually quite pricy, and not all are good.

    I use the Seattle Public library system (they are online) to reserve my books. They will go to other libraries to get them for me if they don't have them. Once I actually received a book from the Washington DC Library of Congress through the Seattle system.

    Try your local library!
  5. Great idea. I wonder if they can do that with porn.
  6. Cool Idea! Thank you very much.
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    Crabbel's book?
  8. nkhoi,

    You'll be surprise at what books public libraries have.

    Especially if the books were donated to the library system in almost perfect condition.

    I've found some rare gems myself when I was looking to read something that I couldn't find anywhere else (financial and non-financial books)...

    not even some antique book collection stores had some books that the public or college library system had.

    Nice tip from condorll.

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    Yep, the library certainly keeps surprising me with what they can obtain through ILL. Definitely the way to go, if only to skim over before you decide to buy.