Book strong in theory (mathematical) and practice of portfolio mgmt?

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  1. I read various equity investment/portfolio mgmt books but most fall into either big-mouth talk-talk (frank fabozzi-style or MBA/CFA-like) or mathematical/theoretical with little practical value. Any pointers to good books similar to Ludwig/Kim, Edward Qian
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    You can probably go to MIT or Stanford’s website and look at the textbook used in a quantitative finance course. The primary thing you seem to want to learn is MPT, the efficient frontier, and portfolio selection which these books will likely more than satisfactorily cover.
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  3. Nah, MPT/frontier is what I see fall into the purely theoretical camp
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    So you’re only interested in suboptimal portfolio allocations? Interesting angle. Of all of the theoretical math, MPT is about as practical as it comes for a large enough portfolio. Gotta lose money to confuse the market, I guess.
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  5. MPT is practical? are you kidding? the theoretical underpinning is correct, but how do you actually apply? where do all those return/risk/correlation matrices come from? black-litterman is good though.
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    It sounds like you want the hand-holding through the homework of a CFA approach. It won't kill you. :D
    Go get your hands dirty. :thumbsup::thumbsup: