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  1. by Edgar Perez

    Smart guy...and this is an impressive bit of work. It fully explains the "Flash Crash".
    One point that really stood out: on that day, one HF trading firm made $100 million !
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, looks interesting. How did you hear about this book?

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  3. I just ordered it... $16 on Amazon. I'm hoping it's a good read considering most other HFT books are all like $60.

    If you guys have any HFT book recommendations, regardless of price, please PM me or write it on the thread. Thanks
  4. Traderspress
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  6. I just finished Chapter 11....about the Flash Crash.
    Totally amazing how stupid the SEC is....especially Mary Shapiro.
    She is one SFC (stupid..fu... you get the rest)
    It's now apparent, especially post-Madoff.....that this gov't entity is totally about politics, not markets.

    Nothing was mentioned about the CME's role in all of they "forgot" to cap orders by FIRM, not just by trader.
    It's obvious now that Waddell and Reed was aware of this "loophole" and took full advantage of it.

    It almost appears as though the CME Group "paid-off" the SEC to look elsewhere.....into high frequency trading firms who were innocent in this case.
    The CME was looking for a scapegoat.....of course.
    Is this entity powerful ?
    What a stupid question....
  7. Flash crash was regular market forces. If you don't like how a market works, then find a different game to play.

    Other markets crash all the time. Just because it's the stock market, someone needs to be blamed. You see this across all TFs. It's nothing new. The only thing new are the idiots bitching about it.
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  9. Yeah right, just like the Hunt brothers squeeze on Silver in the 80's.
    That was "regular", right ?

    Huge positions can command a market.
  10. Nice website, but the book is not there. I wonder why they would take this book off their site, it doesn't seem that old. Or did you get the wrong site?

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