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    i have two newbies within my team and i want to feed them with best information about the markets to enable a steep productivity curve. one is c++ pro, the other is mathematician with c++ know how as well. both already programmed some trading systems.

    it's been a while since i bought trading books and i am definitely not up-to-date. this is why i would like to ask if you could tell me your favourite books which you think should be on the book shelf of a systematic trading operation.

    i place this here within trading, since i hope for some reaction before it is moved somewhere else, where there is less noise. :)

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    tahnx banjo

    so you are going for:

    Trading Systems That Work: Building & Evaluating Effective Trading Systems, Irwin Trader's Edge Ser.
    Author: Stridsman, Thomas

    did you read it? are you trading systematic?
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    George Pruitt, editor of Futures Truth magazine, has a list of recommended books on trading systems at He's probably one of the best qualified people to make suggestions in this area.

    George Pruitt's book list

  5. i see he reccomends one of my all time faves:

    "winner take all" by gallacher

    EVERY new trader should read this one.

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    Interested as to why you mention that book. Isn't he the guy who rubbishes TA?

  7. yes he does, to a point. have you read it ?

    i utilize TA extensively to provide a framework on market chaos but am well aware of its limitations. gallacher's book is an eye opener--i highly reccomend it to TA believers and non believers.

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    I looked at the reviews on amazon and decided against buying it. But since you found it useful I'll take another look.
  9. Wonderful list!
    Besides the list, I recommand:

    1. Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Un-correlated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits.
    Author: James Altucher

    2. Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems
    by Robert Pardo
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    thanx. i am not sure what we are talking here when we say TA, but it is in any case interestng to see profound criticism.
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