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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by StillTrading, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. The book review section seems pretty poorly designed. I wanted to review a book a while back but there didnt seem to be anyway to add a new Title to review (The book I wanted to discuss wasnt already listed). I really think this could be a useful feature if only you could add new titles easily. Otherwise it seems that I'd need to start a thread to discuss a book that isn't listed.
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    Most anything could be improved;
    but many of the best books are there and we dont want it turned into a major library ''card catalog'':cool:

    Still need safeguard against simple new book hype.
  3. but I think there needs to be a balance between the ability to add new titles in a title in a timely fashion with the needs to control 'spam' on the board. I do think that there certainly are other books not in the Book Section that are clearly worthy of some reviews / discussion. Dynamic Hedging, by Taleb is one. Option Market Making, by Allen Jan Baird is another. I probably could rattle off another few but really thats not my point. Maybe there needs to be some manor of voting mechanism to allow the users to effectively filter the garbage from the worthwile per say. Anyway just thinking out loud :D
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    Have you suggested books to whoever's in charge of the section?
  5. though I did list two books that I wouldnt mind seeing in the review section. Also "Fooled By Randomness" was good. "Against the Gods" is another title that I think has merit. "Option Theory" by Peter James is another, not that Im promising to write reviews for all of them :D
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    PM Baron. I don't know what the criteria are. And I agree about Fooled by Randomness. But some books that people suggest are pretty far afield. If one were to get too far into personal growth, for example (i.e., beyond Tharp, Douglas, Sperandeo), the list would end up like these lists always do, with everything but The I Hate to Cook Book.

    I suggest creating a poll here in Feedback for any books you think should be included and ask people to vote. That will at least give Baron something to go by, and increase the chances that the book you like will be listed and reviewed.

    Incidentally, I do think the list should be active. If a book gets no reviews, perhaps it should be dropped (whereas those that get bad reviews should be retained so that the unsuspecting will know).