Book Review needed - Bird Watching in Lion Country

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Osiris, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Late Apex, or anyone else that has heard of the "Bird Watching in Lion Country" book, do you know a decent place to buy it for cheap? I only found it so far at some FOREX broker's website, and it is around $60 :( If that's the best price I guess I will get it, but if someone knows a cheaper place that'd be great.

    Also, any reviews or comments about it would be nice, or other book recommendations :)

  2. Well, I don't know of any place to get that ebook for less, but, in my mind, it'd still be a bargain at many times that price.

    Have you already been to the author's website? If not, that ought to be your first stop. (I don't want to promote it here, but if you google the title, it's one of the first few results.) There's a lot of free info, feedback, FAQ right there. The same Google search points you to a bunch of independent reviews. Finally, you'll find many looong threads discussing the book and the strategies on the MoneyTec forum, including a couple hundred posts by DrForex, the author himself.

    In my mind, that book stands out as an eye-opener in a sea of dreadfully mediocre (or worse), cookbook-style forex trading books out there. You may or may not end up using some or all of his particular methodology... it's not mechanical and requires a fair amount of discretion / judgment. Most important, it calls for a paradigm shift that many traders would probably be unwilling or unable to make. Even if you decide not to use his methodology in its entirety, I think the knowledge gained will be invaluable. Do I recommend the book? You bet.
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    Thanks Apex...i will take a look. I googled the book already, I will check out the author's website.