Book Review: Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street

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    Named and shamed
    Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz with Aaron Task
    “The United States government has thrown billions of dollars at rescuing companies and their officers who should have been bankrupted, exposed as charlatans, in some cases jailed, argues Ritholtz in a compelling and devastatingly accurate indictment of the financial and political establishment. “
    Review by Muhammad Cohen
  2. They didn't learn their lesson. Now they are using the same "Traunch" methods with the Bond Market.

    AAAs to BBs and slice'm up in risk catagory, no need for "More Capital to back the Bs' and sell'm
  3. The bigger story is the collusion of the unamerican right with enemy states to destory America.

    From increased illegal immigration, amnesty for illegals, export of manufacturing jobs, lead in the water, lead in chinese imported toys. You name it. Anything that will destroy the American middle class, these unGodly filth will have their paws in it. They are hell bent in Americas destruction.

    Corruption and vampire capitalism in wall st. is expected. Where money can be made, you'll have all life forms including the the lowest life forms. Republican deregulation made sure the lowest life forms took the upper hand in wall street.