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  1. Can anybody recommend me some books that concentrates on interpreting price action, volume, accum/dist, and tape reading.

    Thank you.
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    We don't use tape any more, we're using CD.
  3. :D ...

    I found some recommended books on tape reading already in a thread a few pages back, and they are:

    - Studies in Tape Reading by Rollo Tape
    - Tape Reading & Market Tactics by Neill
    - Techniques of Tape Reading by Graifer & Schumacher

    For anyone who read these books, do they go over everything else i'm looking for, and if not, which other books can I read to get a nice all around knowledge of price action/tape reading.

    Thanks again....
  4. Don't waste too much time with those books. I believe that Rollo Tape is from the 1930's and Humphrey Neill is from the 1950's. "It" was different back then. A public or university library might have them for check-out. There's an outfit called Frasier Publishing in New England that has lots of "old" titles for sale. Ultimately, it's the "price" that makes you money. Don't get too bogged down in the volume, accumulation, distribution, technical analysis and other mathematical massaging of non-price related factors.
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    "The Tape" is actually on 8 Track now after the NYSE/ARCA merger.
  6. =========
    Market Makers Edge , by Joshua Lukeman[nyse help also]
    William O Neil books.

    Last is first;
    3 top trader books, by Jack Schwager are excellent.
  7. Thank you Mr. Turtle! :D

    Also thanks Nazz, I won't buy those books since they're so old.