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  1. I'm gonna be taking off for vacation next week and will be out for 3 weeks. I will have a lot of free time and would like to take some trading books with me. Any recommendations on books that will improve my S&P trading?

    Here are the books I'll be taking with me:
    Trading In The Zone
    The New Market Wizards
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Try non-trading books or other methods of relaxation. Clearing the mind through seperation often brings better results than any book can give you.

  3. I'll definitely be relaxing, but last year I kinda got bored towards the end of my vacation so want to have some good reading material that can help my trading. You'll notice I'm not taking any technical books or anything to do with technical analysis, etc. Just books that go into the psychological part of trading because that's really where I need to focus at this time.

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  5. Thanks. The Inner Game of Golf sounds like a good read based on the reviews. I'll see if I can find it at the local B&N or Borders.

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    Bhagavada Gita

    And don't forget the following;

    "The market is an Autocrat. Whatever it wants, it gets. There is no questioning its decision to move up or down. Your vote does not count. You are living in an Autocratic state.

    In trading, the sooner you realize the market is your superior and that it is always right the better off you will be.

    Be honest with yourself and know your limitations as a trader. The market will always strike you at your weakest point.

    Learn well the nature and range of the time frame you trade.
    The one who knows the cow’s nature gets the milk

    Be committed to your trading plan. It is childish behavior to jump around from one trading strategy/method/system to another. How many child traders are there in this world? The style of trading you choose whether scalping, day, swing or position, options, futures, stocks should fit your personality and your pocket book and should be decided upon before putting money in the game. STICK TO YOUR PLAN!

    Trade on and be excellent to each other

  7. Perhaps consider two books by Howard Abell: The Day Trader's Advantage, and The Inner Game of Trading. :confused:
  8. Thanks for the tips so far. Keep em coming!

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    If you're taking Trading in the Zone, I strongly suggest you take The Disciplined Trader as well. It may not be absolutely necessary, but TITZ will be much clearer if you read TDT first.
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