Book recommendation, The invisible scar

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  1. I just go this book delivered today(out of print) Hard cover first edition. Quite interesting read. 9 dollars which is a bargain.

    I got the last hardcover copy for sale on Amazon :) There are 14 copies left (Soft cover)
    Some guy trying to sell a copy for 1 grand lol.

    If you want to read about the effects of the great depression and some interesting details I would recommend the book.

    "Millionaires were being made every day. It was as if the fairy godmother had decreed a coach for every Cinderella. The crash turned them back to pumpkins as fast as the stroke of twelve in the fairy story."

    Huge blocks of stock were offered "at market" and sometimes there was no market. When there were no takers for White Sewing Machine a clever messenger boy bid $1 and fownd himself the owner of 10,000 shares.

    Bowery bums, hearing that stocks were selling at a nickel, pooled change they had begged and advanced up to Wall street to invest in America.

    (lol Bums making the market)

    This book is chock full of nuggets and its only page 9.