Book recommendation needed: re: Markets in general, etc.

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  1. I'd love to get a few current book recommendations... something that's came out really recently or one you consider a 'classic / must - read'

    specifically, something related to how the markets work or various careers in finance and trading; maybe even something loosely related that you just really enjoyed or learned from...

    but NOT a book about a trading method or 'how to make some money'


    P>S> Examples of books that i've read over the past year and really enjoyed:

    -When Genius Failed
    -Inventing Money
    -The Logical Trader (not applicable to my question here)
    -The Demon Haunted World: Science as a candle in the dark (ok, only partially related)
  2. One book idea:

    "The Green Bubble" by Robert Bell

    Has anyone read this... or is this book even really out yet? I see some reviews, but nowhere online has it in stock.
  3. i see now (never noticed before) that there's a totally separate "books" section here on ET

    well, anyone that sees this and has a great idea pls still post-

  4. "The only three questions that count- investing by knowing what others don't" by Ken Fisher is a new one I'm reading

    heres the rest of them- they were all decent enough to buy, but some are alot better than others.
  5. Pretty cool list there. For folks looking for a viewpoint outside of the traditional literature, may I recommend one which is pretty much an overall intro into the way the economy and markets really operate? Like, why does a day of the week trading system seem to be successful for only a brief window of time?

    Complexity, evolutionary psychology, game theory, and non-linear dynamics... these are the types of descriptive systems that resonate with truth when applied towards modern markets IMO. Using classical TA to explain market behavior is about as precise as using euclidean geometry to explain the properties of clouds.
  6. Only book you'll ever need to read:

  7. TOM134


  8. Brandonf

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    The Hedge Fund Edge by Mark Boucher
    How to Make Money in Bull and Bear Markets by Stan Weinstein
  9. I was referred a few books lately that look really good and were what I was looking for... posting here for others' future reference

    -"Forex Revolution: An Insier's Guide to the Real World of Foreign Exchange Trading" by Peter Rosenstreich, MBA; of Rose Stevons & Company

    (note, this is NOT a trading 'strategy' book)

    also, really looking forward to reading

    -Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners
    by Larry Harris
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