book recommandation please

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  1. Hi!
    Actually I know the basic strategies using options.
    I would like a "when the rubber hits the road" kind of book, showing examples and trades taken.

    Thx a lot
  2. These are must reads from a wise trader.

    Heart of Darkness,
    Story of Job,
    The Brothers Karamozov
    (at least the grand inquisitor chapter),
    Beyond Good and Evil,
    100 Years of Solitude, and An
    Arrow's Flight
  3. read natenburg. a few times.
  4. On my book cover it reads "Natenberg".
    He can't google it, if it's not 100% correct.
    The second best book seems to be "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" by Cottle.
  5. thanks for the correction.

    i just ordered the cottle book you mentioned, thanks.

    have you read cottle's other book, "Options: Perception and Deception"? i cant find it for less than $400!
  6. he might not be able to MSN it, or Yahoo it, but if you google "natenburg options" it will correct you. i love when technology is idiot proof.:D
  7. I have one (in excellent condition, I bought new and did not read it) and are willing to sell it. Anyone want to make a bid?
  8. i got $200 on it!

    where did you buy it new?
  9. Coulda Woulda Shoulda Meets Options: Perception and Deception

    In Full Color at
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