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  1. TNT III – “Technical Trading” – Joe Ross – 350 hardcover pages without question the best of the Series

    The 4 point system – Concepts and Technical system
    Trading the Rebound Gap – Richard Bearse
    DeMark Trading Methods – Futures Learning Center
    The weekly Rule system – Peter Aan CTA – a comprehensive research report - 55 pages
    Commodities and Futures – Chet Conrad CTA ( do a search on him – great trend follower) 169 softcover pages
    The Trading Game – Ryan Jones - Hardcover
    Cutting Edge Futures – Trading Methods for the 21st century Barnes – Hardcover 215 pages

    How Markets really Work – Trading Markets/Larry Connors – 145 hardcover pages

    Daytrading manuals by Market Mariner – also know as trader Brad

    How to Capture big profits from Explosive Markets – Glen Ring VIDEO

    $125 would prefer not to break up..nice collection for somebody

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  2. How much is how markets really work for?
  3. daytrading manuals as well. I don't need the others..
  4. Joab


    You got scammed on big time this one :mad: