Book of Enoch

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  2. Not sure the point of this thread? What about it?
  3. The truth will set you free...
  4. I've read 1 Enoch and have glanced over 2 Enoch and 3.

    I really cherish this book. Its an amazing testament and Enoch is one of my favorite biblical patriarchs. He's a very special being. As told in Genesis and Hebrews how he didn't experience death and was transcended into Heaven.

    Another interesting point is how Enoch is also Metatron. Metatrons cube is the formality of the universe in sacred geometry. The list goes on and on about the significance of Enoch. But yes the truth will set all of us free, and I suggest anyone who is into theology read Enoch.
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    that is a Bible quote, try the Bible.Thanks for the comment:cool::cool: