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  1. "Will ship to United States, Canada"

    Slight problem, I am in Europe!
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  2. I think its the best book on markets and how they actually function to be published in some time. It was certianly better than the text book I had in college in my introduction to financial markets course. That one was mostly math, this book is stuff you can actually use. Not specificially in the sense of patterns or trading setups, but it lets you understand the players involved in trading, how they operate and things like crossing sessions, how the specialist interacts with others on the floor as well as superdot, and ofcourse a lot of more esoteric stuff as well.

    I guess everyone here is way smarter than me because I learned quite a few things from it that I didn't know and I've been trading for several years.

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  3. Don't get desperate my friend :)
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  4. seems like a very informative book, excellent title

    take a look at all those endorsements
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    They are still being sent out, I received mine in London today.
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  6. get and read the koran
    its much better than any fuckin book that ib offers
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  7. ... and hows that suppose to improve my trading?
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    Well put. I would agree. I'm about half way through the text. Most everything so far has been foundation and basics, but it is very thorough and the some of the sidebar stories are pretty amusing, especially the one about the guy who was frontrunning himself. This is designed as a college text, and reads as such - but it is written very well.

    It seems that some here are looking for that "Holy Grail of Trading" book. The one book that will lead to their unlimited fortunes. For the rest of us, IB is pleasing "some of the people all the time."
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    With a pitch like that, you must be an MM?
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