Boobies... How do you like yours?

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Which do you find more attractive- Natural B's, or fake D's?

  1. Fake D's are hotter (although I've never personally had my hands on fake boobs).

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  2. Fake D's are hotter (I've even had my hands on fake boobs, and I know they feel nothing like the rea

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  3. Natural B's are hotter.

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  4. Hell, even natural A-cups are more attractive than those god-awful fake tits!

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  1. (Assume the fake knockers in question are a modern, average-quality job)
  2. I prefer the real
    For the way that they feel,
    And the way they look
    When they're shook,
    And they need not weigh many an ounce
    As long as they jiggle and quiver and bounce.

    Women with naturally small breasts have a fairly wide valley between their breasts, which is perfectly delightful because it's naturally symmetric. If a small-breasted woman chooses to augment, the large valley remains but then the augmented breasts lack symmetry with that valley. That's wrong on all applicable sensory levels. As for women who already have larger breasts and wish to augment, well, that's just plain stupid. A well cared for body is all a woman needs and all a man can ask for.
  3. That may well be, and I won't pretend to have tested a representative sample. (Much to my dismay.) But, sight unseen, I would prefer a woman with naturally small breasts than artifically larger ones. Although breasts have never been a decision criterion for me, small breasts have a charm all their own. Bottom line: it's all good, just keep it real.
  4. Tom B

    Tom B

    Natural B's over Fake D's for me.
  5. Yes please.
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  6. I've had my hands on both and there is nothing worse than the shock of finding out you're dealing with silicone bags instead of a natural body.

    The problem is that there are a lot of women who have almost no breast to start with, so they get augmented up to a very normal size; you can't really tell that easily with them until you get their clothes off.

    The whole thing is disgusting.
  7. Yes those
  8. Lucrum


    Natural B or C cups, firm, somewhat rounded, no moles, freckles or hairs.

    The Crème de la Crème is a pair of the above description with puffy nipples.

    Difficult to find in the real world of course.

    Truth is I've only met one pair of breasts I didn't particularly care for, and even then I put my hands all over them ... just to make sure.
  9. achilles28


    Thats good.

    I like heavy, full-bottomed breasts. C or D.

    Best kind.

  10. Your problems are over. I can set you up.
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