Bone's Personal Tuesday 3/10 Gameplan

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bone, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Weighted Equity Pairs:

    Bearish IBM/SPY
    Bearish HPQ/SPY
    Monitoring for Bearish Tones: AMZN/EBAY
    Bullish MCD/SPY
    Bullish CPB/SPY
    Bullish POT/MOS

    Weighted Yield Curve:

    Still Bullish Two's to Fives around yesterday's opening range

    Tens to Thirties are rich but still a buy around yesterday's opening range - the TuF in my opinion has more upside than the NoB

    Weighted Crude May Butterfly: a modest sell around yesterday's close

    Weighted Nat Gas April Butterfly: a buy around yesterday's closing levels

    Cracks: Both the Heating Oil and the RBOB Cracks have more downside in them - April and May; May looks like a better sale

    Note: yesterday's trades were superb; only non-performer was EXC vs SPY (chopped around - scratch)
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    Stock Pairs:

    CVX/COP +$1.18
    EXC/SPY +$0.77
    IBM/SPY +$1.37
    HPQ/SPY +$0.67
    MCD/SPY ($2.27)
    CPB/SPY ($1.64)
    POT/MOS ($1.46)

    Subtotal Pairs: ($1.38)

    Yield Curve: Two's to Fives Weighted: +$468

    Nymex Crude May Butterfly: +$100

    Nymex Nat Gas April Butterfly: +$40
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    10:41 CDT

    Heating Oil Crack: ($100)

    RBOB Crack: ($5)
  4. Weighted? That's fine, but the trades are meaningless to the reader w/o the ratio. Also, regarding your weighted fly trades -- should we assume a short May fly is long May*2, short Apr&Jun? 1/2/1 would be classical, but you stated a ratio? Which is it? Thanks.
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    You bring up an excellent point, which I will have to make sure I adequately clarify in my upcoming website.

    A big obstacle is the traditional way spreads have historically been quoted in energy and interest rates - especially on the floor and with voice brokers. Both are bass-ackwards from each other to accomplish essentially the same position profile.


  6. OP, this thread may be better suited for Journals rather than here.