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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bone, Mar 7, 2009.

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    As many of you know, I have been making a living at full-time trading since the early 90's. My family has a four-year old daughter who recently developed some long-term medical issues, and it will require me to juggle TBD amount of prime US day marketplace hours. My wife works full-time for IBM, and we don't want to mess around with her career and the BCBS medical insurance that now has a substantial pre-existing condition.

    I am asking for some feedback: Would any members be interested in an advisory service/membership website that focused upon spread trading techniques, tutorials, archived and frequently updated examples, shared blogs, and communal coaching from an actual real trader with a track record? If so, what is your opinion for a reasonable monthly fee? I am not out to gouge, but I would like to replace some monthly cash flow and throw CPR at a badly wounded 401K.

    The markets I have electronically screen traded (exceptions would be physical power and Clearport OTC options):

    Interest Rates: Liffe, Eurex, French Notionale (Matiffe), CBOT, CME, cash basis. Specialty: Yield Curve and Intra-market spreads.

    Equity Futures: Dax, FTSE, Dow, S&P, Nasdaq. Electronic cash equities: NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. Specialty: Pairs, Baskets, Stat Arb. Intra-market spreads.

    OTC power and NG swaps, Clearport Options on Power and NG swaps, ICE, Nymex. Specialty: Heat Rates and Crack Spreads, Natural Gas and Crude Oil forward curves. Intra-market spreads.

    FX: CME cross-currency spreads. Highly correlated extra-market spreads.

    I'm not saying that spread trading is the be all to end all. But it has delivered for me over the long haul. I believe I could help scalpers and directional flat price traders with some really in-depth understanding of what could be driving the price action in their markets (market correlations). I was trying to arrive at a reasonable monthly fee that could be cancelled at any time.

    Leave me a PM or respond here with your feedback, please.

    Thanks in advance,

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    First of all, I am very sorry about your daughter.

    In regards to your business idea, you should look at some of the other services out there. Many of them offer a very cheap trial period and then price vary quite dramatically.

    Your competition would be something like

    As a new entrant into that market, your best bet is probably to compete on price .... maybe.

    If you have a proven track record, another option would be to sell your program on a lease basis to individuals or have some managed futures firm market it for you to their clients.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the kind words. At your suggestion, I went to the website you mentioned. My methodology is much more professional, detailed, and helpful than what the banners and examples that the website home page implies to me, at least.

    In terms of a canned software package - I don't necessarily use the exact same approach across all asset classes. My approach to modeling and trading an IBM versus HPQ equity pair has a few key variations when compared to, let's say, the June NYH RBOB futures crack spread.
  4. Beebers


    You could also get a trial subscription to Linda Raschke's service and see what she has there.
    You could sign up for one month and see what they offer. Her site includes trade setups, explanations, educational materials, lectures, additional readings. She has various pricing structures. Her website could use an overhaul but in terms of information it might be what you have in mind ....
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    Funny you should say that - I always thought that Linda Raschke and Robin Mesch were 'head and shoulders' (no pattern trading pun intended) above most other advisory services touted in on the web. Light on the bling and heavier on the substance.

    I must confess that I have gained very little from internet forums, websites, and many publications - very little of it coincided with my observations of what styles and strategies tended to work with consistency in the marketplace.

  6. Siwash


    First off I too would like to say that I hope the best for your daughter and your family..

    While I am not in a place to take advantage of your service at this point,I would like to say that I have always followed your posts with great interest and admiration.

    You offered me some very good advice in a PM as a new member of this forum and I've always considered you one of the few real traders here on ET.

    I encourage others to read your history and see for themselves that you are for real.

    Good luck with everything..

  7. Why not offer a seminar at one of the trading show? I've stop going to those things precisely because they're mostly hype and very little on substance.
  8. How is this going for you bone?

    Feel free to respond via PM, I'm certainly interested in at least a cursory "look see".

    Good luck with your situation, and good trading.