Bonds Volume low ???

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by saschabr, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Any idea why Bonds Futures volume
    (ECbot) is low ?

    They players STILL at home today ?

    Or is it due to system changes ???

    I hope not.
  2. I am scared by the word LIFFE in the new ecbot. LIFFE is famous for its pissing poor realibitiy!!!!!
  3. it was. is much better now.
    CONNECT is much faster than ACE was and at least displays correct quotes & trade sizes. Great improvement, for me.
  4. Shortened Session could be the reason for a lack of players.
    That ISM number sure did blow-out the Bonds!
  5. Many are still on vacation. We will all be back on Monday.
  6. I notice that the time and sales data for Friday is still the same antiquated crap from the pit. Surely with the new e-cbot platform, one would expect CBOT to provide comprehensive tick data from the screen session (like CME).

    Most disappointing :mad:
  7. I couldn't believe my eyes when I logged into e-cbot tonight - market depth for 40 levels (20 bid, 20 offer) for ZB. (I use X_TRADER.) Improved tick data must be around the corner. This competition (CME vs CBOT vs Eurex) is fantastic.