bonds market. What was that?

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  1. Guys. I'm a newbie in trading. and as most of you, working hard to make my place under the sun. Anyone of you can explain me what could shift the price of the bonds market that much. I observed huge spike in price at 18:00 GMT. similar spikes all over the market. I suffered badly from this price jump as was short on bund. I have not found any fundamental news on the internet which could explain such move.
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    Ever hear of an auction?

    I really hope you are trading on a simulator account!
  3. There was a 7 year treasury auction at 1pm which was much more popular than expected, always check Econoday for schedules.
  4. Was your setup in place and did you execute it. That’s all that matters, trust me you have to loose the notion that you have to know what’s going to happen next.

    Some of the best trades are before news releases, but most miss out because they think the need to know what the news is before they trade.

    If you can’t tell me what you best setup is then you really should not be trading with real money.

    There I have done my good deed for the day.
  5. You HAVE to know when mkt moving new is about to be released, to say otherwise is just retarded

  6. Nope , I'm trading real money but not a big sums and only those I can loose so i'm not much worried. but I'm really surprised as this is the first time I saw something like that on the market. I'm still not really getting the point. New bonds went on the market. At this point with oversupply on the bonds market, with interest rates going up shouldn't the prices go down. As the worst of crisis is behind shouldn't be the bonds of different companies with higher interest be more attractive compare to goverment bonds? most impotant question. I guess I always have to consider in future any upcoming auctions. Is such spike happen often?
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  8. Alex, just made sure you check the econ calendar every single day and map out the important news released. Generally you'll see the 8:30, 10am, 1pm bond auctions and occasionally the 2:15 FOMC release as major times to look out for
  9. Thanks Guys!
  10. All you need to know is….. is my setup there yes or no. Do I have the proper risk management in place yes or no.

    Everything else is meaningless. If your setup occurs 1 min before a news event you take it without hesitation PERIOD.

    So if you don’t know what you best setup is and you don’t understand risk management, yes you need to wait.
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