Bonds ahead of empl nrs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cwjcntr, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. cwjcntr


    For those who actually slept well last nite, here's some observations from the overnite session headed into the employment numbers due out in around 20 minutes..

    The 10 year note maintained a somewhat tight range, the lows of the session being hit here just before the pit opens, at 104'23.

    Key pivots in the OVERNITE session were:
    R1 107'32
    Piv - 107'27
    S1 107'24
    S2 107'20

    Since about 4AM EST, we hung around the pivot. The high of the session was 107'31, so the R1 pivot definitely held. Going into the pit open, in just under 4 mins, we have tested 107'24, next stop 107'20... If my prayers and rain dances work out correctly, a strong employment number could send us to the 107'05 to 107'10 range.

    *keeps on rain dancing into the numbers* .... :D

  2. cwjcntr


    We hung around UNCHANGED most of the night session.. People are just waiting to see how these nrs are going to play out.
  3. cwjcntr


    Not too strong, so my 107'10 call was shot to heck..

    Regular pivots in play today folks.

    Now we resume our normal scheduled program.......

    Employment claims disappointed, up 340K, above the expected range consensus range. Saw ONE red candle at the release, then a flurrying of buying in the ZN.

    Forgive me, someone suggested I ate the worm in the bottle of tequila.. I am out of it this AM :(