bond_trad3r's illegal immigration solution

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  1. Amnesty
  2. Makes sense:

    Saves enforcement costs and adds to our tax base.

    Maybe add a Token fee: $5K
  3. Lucrum


    Yeah, and while we're at it let's release all prisoners currently serving time in both state and federal penitentiaries.

    On second thought it's an incredibly stupid idea.
  4. Immigrants are harder workers than some native-born Americans. Just saying...
  5. Is being a hard worker the standard for becoming an American citizen? There are people in Uzbekistan and Uganda that are hard workers, too. Should they also be given American citizenship?

  6. Some native-born Americans need some incentive to become more hard working... and getting a generous check from the government isn't it.
  7. It should be
  8. These are the ones who should be deported.
  9. Everyone who wants America to become a 3rd world nation should support your plan.

  10. If they are already here working under the table for cash or using someones social security it makes sense to make them into tax payers.

    To catch, prosecute, incarcerate and deport will cost at least $100K.
    save the $100K and charge them $5k and over 10 years we come out $200K ahead.
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