bond_trad3r is calling a market crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bond_trad3r, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Market is drunk off liquidity. Sooner or later the hang over will set in.

    There is no time limit to this call, it could be next week, next month, next year, or a decade from now. But it will occur and when it does it will be great.

    It still might not be a bad idea and ride the wave till the top. I would not be surprised to see 2,000 on the s&p before a crash to sub 1000. Even a run up to 5,000 is possible with the amount of federal reserve notes being printed.
  2. Wow!!! So you're saying that you think the market will tank, but the S&P might keep rising for another decade to 5000 before it happens?

    Have you considered starting up a
    subscription alerts service?
  4. OMG! Not another deadbroke-type thread! Go away! [​IMG]