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    looking for advice on trading bonds in the cash market or bond futures in chicago. As far as I can tell, the number of proprietary bond trading firms pales in comparison to the number of equity trading firms. My other impression is that just about all investment banks run their proprietary fixed income trading out of new york. any disputing either of these? Could anyone suggest a few of the more reputed firm names that run prop trading FI desks in chicago? any suggestions to a younger college graduate willing to 'work for free' as a trading assistant for a few months to get started down a different career path would be appreciated. in lieu of starting at a prop firm has anyone out there started as a runner for an independent trader on the floor or somehting similar.

    thanks in advance

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    Jobs in the CBOT financial room are hard to come by these days unless you are interested in options, which are predominately traded on the floor still. I would look into the prop futures trading firms like MacFutures, York Associates, and many others. Also, I know there are some big muni-bond desks in Chicago (pretty sure Smith Barney has a big one). Good luck.
  3. Man Financial
  4. actually man financial dosent have any proprietary trading operations, theyre quite poinient(sp?) about that...
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  6. I have a lot of friends who work for MacFutures , they have offices in Chicago as do Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co, i company i used to trade thro. Will try to get hold of a number for you?

  7. Yes Vox your right. They do however know all the bond houses in town. One has only to "make friends" with the right people to get this information (and perhaps a job). Best Regards, Steve46
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    One can only assume you made friedns with the wrong people since you didn't know what you were talking about then.
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  10. Mt. Everest:

    I have an account with Man financial that dates back to when they were ED & F Man and before that Gelderman Securities. They are custodians for my physicals (bonds) as well as a portfolio of options. By all means continue to make an ass of yourself in public. Nice post.
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