Bond Trader 2008 (Swing Trading Bond futures, Stocks, and ETF's)

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by johnpinochet, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Is it possible to feel smart and stupid at the same time? I remain in the allocation described above. Glad I lightened the load on SKF. I still think we have one more members only, special handshake, wink-wink, over the week-end, no riff-raff allowed bankruptcy deal left on the table. This is the reason I'm staying in. Examine the SKF chart and you'll see these moves are par for the course.

    That is it for me, perhaps for a few days. I need to see the today's final range in the ZB to post any updates on price levels.

    It goes without saying that there are two reasons why I'm done for the day: 1) My change in trading style and 2) Anything can happen between now and whatever is released by the Fed.

    I won't be challenging Dirty Harry on the classic feeling lucky offer.
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  2. Right click on your chart within Amibroker => Parameters => Axis Grid and then scroll down to Format.

    Amibroker grows on you after a while. It is sort of like a Swiss Knife.
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  3. Couldn't agree more - thanks for the info!
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  4. The above was posted 29 Feb 2008. We are close so I am bringing them up again. Different contract, but the principle should still apply regarding the number. In other words I'm assuming that there is meaning behind the number, and I can't say much more than that.
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  5. WGSR for the DOW (YM JUN 2008) futures contract are:




    and a secondary WGSR:



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  6. Update on long term account.

    I decided to get out of gold completely.

    I sold all remaining shares in GLD. My retirement account is now 95% in cash and of course the remaining 5% is in SKF.

    Long term, I think gold has enormous potential, but this has been a great run for me and something is up today with the way the Gold futures and GLD are behaving. I'd rather wait a bit and see how things play out.

    Also, note that the NN is still strongly bullish on GLD. There has been no sell signal.
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  7. So how did my price levels do yesterday?

    Let's look at the 5 min 18 Mar 2008 chart. What I am most proud of is the 118 22 posted level.
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  8. Finally, how am I doing today?
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  9. GLD is at 92.86 as of 0956 CST.
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  10. In conclusion, not bad on the GLD and ZB front. Not bad on going from a 20% to a 5% allocation on SKF. Pretty bad for continuing to hold SKF.

    My goal now is to look for a sector or sectors to allocate my long term funds to, and to manage the SKF trade.

    I'll probably look for a re-entry in GLD put I think this down move has some more room.

    Regarding bonds, I don't have much more to add. The charts speak for themselves. I'm done for the day.
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