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Discussion in 'Journals' started by johnpinochet, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Start of a brand new year.
  2. Lance Carson

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    Welcome back JP
  3. Do you trade anything other than bonds?. Just wondering

  4. Thanks Lance!


    Bonds have been my focus for a long time. Years. Off and on I've traded the CME currencies and the CME and CBOT mini's but nothing has really grabbed me like the bonds.

    Recently, due to concerns about my stress level and the amount of time wasted watching intra-day, I decided to research other areas, in particular swing trading of stocks. I discovered Spydertrader's forum posts, and I've studied his method for roughly the last several months. In January of this year I committed a portion of my speculative money to an account only for stock trades. So far so good. For an example of the kind of trades you could find, look at GROW starting on Monday of this week and getting out at the high yesterday, Tuesday.

    The beauty of that trade is that it was fire and forget. I already knew on Sunday evening that I would buy GROW sometime Monday morning. After buying, I walk away and check it 24 hours later. Try doing that with the bond futures.
  5. Thursday 08 February 2007


    Jobless Claims
    0730 CST

    Important numbers to watch in the ZB's

    111 02
    111 07

    110 08
    110 02

    Plan for today. Trade the 0730 report spike if it comes. Looking only for the easy money trade.
  6. 0734 CST No reaction from the bonds = no easy money trade.

    The next possible influence will be the 0900 Wholesale trade.

    No bias, no opinion.
  7. 0808 Sold 4 ZN at 107 065.

    Target 107 050 followed by 107 035.

    Quick trade, very small size.

    0818 CST UPDATE

    I've set a stop at 107 085 and will now focus my efforts on the NYSE/NASDAQ opening bell.

    I'm following GIGM OMTR FTEK PCC EWM and SIM, with large size, over 1000 shares in the first two and smaller size in the remainder.

    I'll be looking to buy:

    HWCC and / or OMRI today and add to any of the above previously mentioned.
  8. 0830 Closed ZN position at 107 070 for 1 tick ZN loss. Not worth the effort at the moment. Still feels like more downside than upside potential.
  9. 0724 CST Friday 09 Feb 2007

    Not much to add from yesterday. Turns out my first target was hit on the short side, but per the journal I went on to other things.

    I find it odd that we are at yesterday's lows again. I'm looking to short a breakdown here. Waiting.
  10. 0728 CST Sold 2 ZB's at 110 27. Looking to make it a 10 lot if confirmation occurs. Test waters for now.

    30 min pos vol down, neg vol rising

    3 min looks strong hence the caution.

    Ideal entry was earlier at the 111 01 pivot but I wasn't watching. In any event, I'll look to get out there, but probably much sooner as my stop.
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