Bond Rally is Over, Top is In.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by reflexivetrader, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. HUGE outside day down reversal in the Sept. 30 yr!!! Top is in at 123-02.

    Committment of Traders Report last week shows Speculators are now net short.

    Classic buy the rumor, sell the fact trade!
  2. fabrizio


    I would not be so coonfident.

    If the reverse correlation works at should and S&p goes down at should we will see new highs

    That's what I think
  3. fabrizio


    Expecially if you see what strange situation we had so far Gold Up , Bond Up, Stocks Up, Commodities Up.
  4. Fabrizio, with all due respect, your analysis is wrong!

    We are in a low inflation environment due to global excess capacity. Massive amounts of Monetary and Fiscal stimulus have entered the economy and the Fed has been JAWBONING interest rates down with the talk of possible disinflationary pressures!!!

    Market participants look forward, and unless some unexpected geopolitical event happens, BOND YIELDS have hit their LOWS.

    Good Luck.
  5. Another Huge sell off in the SEPT. Bonds today! Took out the Head and Shoulders neckline at around 118-00 and the .382 retracement at 117-13!

    Next target 50% retracement 115-21 and the H&S target of 112-30.

    Good Luck:D
  6. Hey Frabrizio, are we in a deflation? Or is the Bond market sell off telling us that reflation is back?

    Sept Bonds just hit their 50% retracement target from the March Lows to June highs at 115-21.
  7. Frabrizio care to comment on the current downtrend in bond prices???

    Are we still in deflation?

  8. No one will care about this thread because it was a realtime call that was accurate.
  9. I care. It was the alert I used to get some family members out of ACG.

    Nice call!