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  1. I just recently started trading the 30 yr electronic bond futures. The last few days there has been volume in the 70k to 100K range. Is this light because of the time of the year, or is this the normal volume? I understand the 10 yr note has more liquidity; have more traders been moving to this market?

  2. There is more Open Interest in 10 year notes. It happened after announcement that there will be no more issuing of a 30Year Bond. Last time I'v checked it was about 480,000 in10 yr versus 350,000 contracts in 30Yr.
    I do not think that full size 30Yr or 10Yr are pure electronic yet. Traders in pits have handheld devices to record trades but it is still outcry method. Unless they have changed it recently.
    Price action wise, I do not see a difference.
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    They trade side by side.
  4. ZB and ZN are the symbols for the electronic contracts for bonds and notes respectively. They trade simultaneously on a/c/e.
  5. Are those full size contracts and do you know what daily volume they have ?

  6. Thanks, and I understand this, but what about the volume? Has it decreased because of the Holidays and traders closing their books for the year? That was my original question.

  7. Full sized, and the ZB did over 90,000 today...... but what I was wondering is this normal volume, or is it a decrease because of the holidays and end of year.
  8. Volume is definetly thinner now due to holidays/end of year.
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    Hey Bond Trader, any hidden gotcha's with trying to daytrade bonds?
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    STAY OUT on Fed Meetings and other important news. !!:)
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