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    the “dividend” for a few of the bigger bond ETFs weren’t cut in the recession of 2008-2009... I think that says a lot
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    Meaningless when it comes to HY. it is all about credit risk. For the most part energy HY is about exploration and fracking. Price of WTI drops, so does this subsector.
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  3. Jnk( high yield corporate bond fund) top holdings are hca (healthcare) , CCo (telecom), Valeant (pharma), sprint (telecom), tennet (healthcare), t mobile (telecom), dish... where again is the energy exposure?....
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    Ok my last response.

    LOL, those companies represent less than .50 % positions. Yes , that is less than 50 BP.

    Per Morningstar institutional reports...65% energy...22%indust
    2 stares out of 5
    4th quintile performer
    It has actually UNDER PERFORMED the Barclay HY INDEX by 200 bp (2%) per year for the life of the fund.

    Didn't think it was this bad, more I look into it the worse it gets, sorry.

    Tell your family friend to root for oil and hope the Fed will stop pushing the short end of the curve up.(vcsh)

    To be constructive: look at HYLS. higher fees but excellent management team, also has a short position in UST. Might be a good addition, different sectors and hedging rates. Possibly move some of what you have, and run with 33% each.
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  5. Those positions are the top 10 holdings and constitute over 15% of the fund .... and jnk has only underperformed the index it seeks to track by 0.61%... where are you getting this information?... I am using ishares website...
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    Re read my post. Gave my source and tried to be helpful. Take what you want, leave what you don't.

    Good luck, the best investors know when to adjust a position that may not be what they originally thought.

    For a great example of this search Carl Icahn's reversal of his initial short positions after the Trump victory.
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    @Muffhands did you post files of HYG ?...thought you owned JNK. Anyway good look, I believe they are both index weighted
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  8. Those are screenshots of JNK.
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  9. Are you sure? The green box of the screen shots says "HYG", not "JNK".
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    Live by the phone...die by the phone. Good ATT signal though !
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