Bombshell: President Obama is a Jew!

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  1. That explains a hell lot about the election, the administration's financial policies, etc.

    I have to get this out. Do a little online research yourself about it.
  2. Ah yes, the longer they have to acknowledge Obama as the leader of the free world, the more deranged the right becomes.

    Actually I have the truth.

    Obama is actually the vanguard from the Orion constellation. U c the world is going to end on 12/21/2012 at 11:11am GMT. He and a few others are secretly selecting a few of humanities best minds to go along with them when they leave.

    They r all dems of course, so the rest of u morons r SOL

    :D :D :D :D
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    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and it smells like a commie lawyer that is owned by Wall Street, it's a commie lawyer that's owned by Wall Street...
  4. First the right said he was a Muslim,would you people please make up your minds :confused:
  5. The first 1/2 black, 1/2 White, Non-American Kenyan, sort of Hawaiian, Jewish, Muslim, Socialist, Fascist, Communist POTUS ever.

    He must argue vehemently with himself given all the conspiracy theories from the nutsacks.
  6. Does he win those arguments???
  7. If he isn't a Jew he'll do to the real thing comes along....
  8. Sort of true. Goldwater though was only half-Jewish and was raised as an Episcopalian but was essentially agnostic.

    There are certainly Jews who are libertarian Republicans. Even in the media ala' Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn, Mort Zuckerman and Charles Krauthammer.

    At the CBOT circa Reagan era I never knew a Jewish trader who was a Democrat let alone a flaming socialist intent on burying American sovereignty and debasing the Dollar through globalism and inflation.

    Just like I feel for Blacks who do the right thing yet get lumped in with the rest, I feel for Jews who aren't commie fucks.

  9. ...and we all know who owns wall street. Do your own due dilligence.
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    Jews are just glorified accountants and errand boys for the Big Money..
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