Bombs away..Short ...buckle up guys..Looking for further weakness

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Rik, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. because they are a bunch of ass:D
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  2. Fitz


    Gold didn't promote his site. U guys did it for him. I'd say this thread is playing out just how Gold intended, promoting his site. :eek:

    So Candle, what's with all this brotherly love nonsense you keep posting??? :D
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  3. maybe be gold over did it...but I actually like the fact that he posted the chart to show his entry/exit
    it can help people see winning trades and what they look like.
    as far as him promoting his sites...some people may check it out and some people won''s their own choice...
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  4. <i>Here, we don't run from Fear and Risk. We face it and understand it. Ultimately achieving victory. We gain the winning through interactive classes learning to, learning to utilize our tools .</i>

    Apparently, MIT does not teach grammar.

    Also, the site keeps saying "we," but there is only one guy.
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  5. redzuk


    Did you lose money on his calls, or what is it you dont like about them? The chat room is free, it looks like he trades for a living. Why the hostility? When I tried the chat room I thougt the calls were pretty good. I'm trying to learn the skills to trade intraday, and found the chat room very useful. I dont have level 2, so i could not follow his thinking as far as reading the mm. Since I upgraded to windows xp i have not been able to connect to the T.A. chat room. When i get level 2 and figure out how to connect to the chat, I plan on going back. I'm most interested in watching the real reads on the mm activity. He seemed to have a talent for that.
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  6. I was just kidding.:)
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  7. redzuk


    I see, i thought that :D meant you were some kind of lunatic:)

    Are you a regular in the T.A. chat room?
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