Bombs away..Short ...buckle up guys..Looking for further weakness

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Rik, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Gold_Rik

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    Great short off of TECD today , was all set-up and primed to go short. Easy fill and strap yourself in.

    TECD , we look for further weakness involved , maybe a tech bounce, but should be fun.

    GILD, heads up girls and Boys, IMO only, i think this one pushes up and away...Give it some breathing room. Lighter base shares always limits risk!!

    Have Fun Trading !!! Great Market!!
  2. Magna

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    Although your unbridled exuberance is questionable after an extremely difficult trading day (huge gap down, very narrow trading range the entire day, almost no volatility except for a small futures rip in the late afternoon), it's nice to see you finally make a post without listing or promoting your website. Be still my heart. :)
  3. Commisso

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    hahaha magna i was thinking same thing
  4. Magna

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    Hmmm, something about "Great minds..." I think I better check with the Maxims Master (ahem) for the exact wording of that quote. :p
  5. Anyone who comes on the board like that, totally milking his good day's for as much as he can obviously doesn't get many.

    I mean posting a chart of where he was in, what a clown.
  6. Babak


    c'mon guys! lets give him a bit of slack here. Gold, can you give us some background on that trade? for example, why were you watching TECD, what your stop loss was, how you took profits, etc. Explaining a trade is always more informative than just posting it.
  7. Worshipful Brother Gold Rick,

    Which site do you intend to promote once you have built up your credibility amongst those those of who are gullible?

  8. Babak


  9. :D

    That's hilarious guys. Truly hilarious... it certainly helps me work off the queasiness that the original post induced.

  10. Notice there are no names anywhere on those sites. What is so secret about the identities of the gurus? There is no physical address or anything.
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