bombing video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. check out this bombing video:

    i don't know who's attacking who, sorry. probably USA attacking somewhere in the middle east. the attacking side's firepower seems pretty advanced and they speak english. a mosque is stated to be near the targets. pretty incredible video..

    i have a few questions for anyone that knows..

    does the aircraft doing the targeting drop the bombs? or does one aircaft do the targeting, and the coordinates are sent to another aircraft with the firepower? or does it work some other way?

    before the attack began, how did they know to target that area? is there some type of intelligence on the ground that said there were enemies there? how do they know who is an enemy and who is not? if there was intelligence there, how would it appear? would there be guys dressed up as taliban type people? i've never really understood how intelligence works in instances like these.

    in the video, you can see that the mosque is not attacked. even if a person that was previously targeted runs into a mosque, it is still not attacked and the person gets away. what is with that? as many of you already know, i think religion is a bunch of bs anyway. why do we let enemies get away just because they run into a so-called "worshiping area"? who cares what the building is used for. are you telling me if bin laden ran into a mosque, we would not attack it because it is a "mosque." these guys probably know we won't attack mosques, so they then become their favorite places to hang out.
  2. We should have just nuked the whole area... nuking is so much simpler...
  3. From my limited knowledge through Discovery Channel snipits, I believe it can be both.

    The target is identified using a laser, and the bombs have a detection system that hones into the laser. Most of the time the plane with the bombs also has the laser targeter but there are occasions where they don't (some British bombers during the Gulf war). In this case there will be another plane that will 'set up' the target for them.