Bombing Argentina

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  1. Argentina is clearly a terrorist country, attempting to steal the Falkland Islands from our closest allies, the Limeys.

    Should we join forces with the Limeys to bomb the evil Argentinian Terror Nation?

    The Falkland Isles are British, and long may they be so.

    God bless Israel, USA and UK in the Global War on Muslim and Argentinian terrorists.
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    Is there anybody left who doubts that this guy is 100% pure troll?
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    We should dig up Archimedes and reanimate him so that he can design a leverage system powerful enough to pull your head out of your ass.
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  5. The liberals on this thread who disagreeing with bombing the Argentine terrorists are the same muzzie lovers who approve of the building of a Terror Mosque at Ground Zero.

    My view is that Terror Mosques should be banned within a 20k radius of Ground Zero, since they are highly provocative.

    Muzzies and Argentines are working together to destabilize the South Atlantic oil drilling of our close Limey allies.

    God bless Israel and USA.
  6. I'm pretty sure this guy is bearice
  7. I am not bearice. He is not a true Republican.
  8. The fact that you are registered in feb 2012 and you know who bearice is, suggests you are bearice.
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    Could bearice stay in character this long?

    Its true that bearice is as completely stupid as the OP but I just wonder if he could go 5 minutes without starting to speak of himself in the 3rd person and threatening people. Also I think Joe would have figured out right away if it was bearice.

    No, Jake/Americanhero/thehitman is a sockpuppet of somebody we all know here in P&R. Its probably sameeh and he probably wears a burkha and masterbates to the soundtrack of Lawrence of Arabia while eating halal hummus on flatbread.

    And btw, Argentina could probably conquer the UK without firing a shot, the UK would simply surrender and offer housing assistance and welfare to the invading Argentinians.
  10. I think the left, the right, and us in the middle agree about this gentleman's problems. Oh well, comedy interlude as they say.

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