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    In the end, the terrorists will try to put the bomb inside suicide bomber's body, only X-Ray scanner will work.

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    Uh, I think you need to get in sync with your handle...

    Their x-ray body scanner puts out .01% of the radiation that a medical x-ray gives.

    In other words, it can show concealed objects on the person, but not something that's inside them.
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    Easy to increase power to see through,

    Maybe only increase power when scanning certain body location :D
  4. ICXT is one, but it has run its course...maybe.
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    You need to change your handle to "Idiot."

    "Informed" or anything else would be misleading.
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    OSIS up 3% since I mentioned the potential. The "Idiot" must have missed it.

    Logic Mind
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    What are you smoking?

    It was never up 3% since you mentioned it.

    In fact, it's down over 3% from yesterday's high.
  8. Teach TSA to do rectal exam.
  9. Agreed.

    First off, we are talking about Millimeter Wave technology here as well as "backscatter". That is what is relevant when you are talking about "body-scanning" machines.

    Millimeter wave units send radio waves over a person and produce a three-dimensional image by measuring the energy reflected back. Backscatter machines (ASEI) use low-level X-rays to create a two-dimensional image of the body.

    There are only 2 vendors that are certified by the TSA to supply these millimeter wave machines. One is OSI, and the other is a much larger electronics defense manufacturer called L-3 Communications (LLL).

    There are only 40 of these machines in place in 19 airports in the USA. Meanwhile, there are 560 airports in the Nation.

    If you want more than just a quick "trade" or a "one-trick pony" then L-3 Communications (LLL) is your company.

    Here is their first foray into the manned/unmanned UAV market with the Mobius. It requires no ground support. Fully automated, complete with 24 flight time, 1,000 payload, and top speed of 234 MPH at HALF THE COST of what is in the current market place.

    L-3 is based out of NYC.
    Has 4 divisions. A premiere electronics defense company involved in C-cubed ISR... Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) with $15 BILLION in sales, generating $1.2 BILLION in cash flow!
  10. What does it matter when the CIA can't or chooses not forward info to pull his visa. We look like such punters seriously. Bankrupt the country fighting the War on Terrror and can't pull a visa. But hey it's New Years so grab your favorite spirit friends.
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