Bomb, bomb, bomb...

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  1. ...McCain's campaign has bombed.

    He's nervous, looks unhealthy, frustrated, cranky (I'm serious), can't stay on message, and is clearly intellectually and morally outclassed by Obama.

    Obama is even crushing him on foreign policy - what does McCain have left?

    Dirt and slime tactics just won't help McCain.

    I have never witnessed a more complete victory during a debate in my life.

    I even think Fox News will admit this.

  2. McCain is finished.
  3. It would be objectively better for USA for Obama to be president. Those that don't want to see a black man as president no matter what need to change their minds. Such beliefs are a dead end option for the 21 st century.

    McCain is showing himself as grumpy, old, sarcastic and plain dumb.
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    its like, 'grandpa, come back in the house before you catch a cold"
  5. Stick a fork in Mad Man Mccain,he's done
  6. By my reckoning, they were both horrible. They refused to provide answers to the questions that were asked, instead giving speeches that sounded a hell of a lot like the speeches they gave in the first debate. I doubt I'll be able to sit through another debate.

    P.S. McCain really needs to stop trying to be a comedian.
  7. are you 6 posters sharing one computer
  8. What would we expect of you.

    McCain could have had a fucking heart attack, been taken to the hospital, and you'd claim he won the debate.

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    lol, and we're making smores and braiding each others hair
  10. Your next president




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