Bolton out

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    Good job orange man

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    Sheesh, Trump must love rotating doors.
    The new Whitehouse
  3. Can't wait to see who leaves the show next.

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    The situation in the west wing is deteriorating before our eyes. Will the President make it to next November? I'm not defending certified nut, Bolton, but only noticing that the revolving White House door does seem to have increased in rpm's. Things are getting not less absurd, but more so. No one would guess that the evangelical Pompeo would be next, as he is a masterful sycophant. I am certainly not guessing that, but since learning that U.S. Federal employees are going out of their way to stay at Trump properties, at government expense of course, and that Trump cheats at golf --not now and then, but regularly-- nothing re the orange one would surprise me .

  5. I think he is getting ready to fire Justin Trudeau.

    Hopefully, he will ask for his resignation first.
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    So long, mustache man. The world will never forget how you got Iran’s nuclear program up and running again. Asshole.

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    inb4 Eric Prince as new National Security Advisor

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  8. Even Fox is left speechless , it's a mess.

    ‘Why are they doing this!?’ Fox panel erupts after John Bolton texts Brian Kilmeade to dispute Trump

    John Bolton texted a Fox News host on live TV to dispute President Donald Trump’s tweeted account of his removal as national security adviser.

    Trump abruptly announced Tuesday afternoon that he had asked for Bolton’s resignation, although the White House official quickly shot down that account on his own Twitter account, saying he had offered to resign Monday night but the president instead put off the discussion until the next day.

    Bolton then texted Fox News broadcaster Brian Kilmeade during a live broadcast of “Outnumbered” to discuss his ouster after the show’s host Harris Faulkner broke the news to viewers.

    “John Bolton just texted me just now, he’s watching,” Kilmeade said, interrupting Faulkner. “He said, ‘Let’s be clear — I resigned.’ I said, ‘Do you mind if I say that,’ while you were talking and he wrote, ‘Yes.’ John Bolton just said, ‘I resigned.'”

    “So John Bolton has just answered the president’s tweet by saying yes,” he added.

    Faulkner was puzzled about the situation.
    “Why are we doing this?” she said. “I know why we’re doing it — it’s a talk show, breaking news. But why are they doing it? Why are we seeing this play one against the other almost in terms of, you know, what the narrative is? Is it important, or just that the president has moved on and he’s go to hire a new national security adviser?”

    Kilmeade said he believes Bolton simply wanted to correct the record on his way out of the White House.

    “If anyone leaves the position and you think, okay, you shake hands with the CEO and say thanks for my time here and you say I fired him, I said I want your resignation, you want to correct the record,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any angst. Let me just correct the record — I resigned. The president just tweeted out prior to that that I asked him for his resignation.”
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