Bollinger bands and commodity channels?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by minmike, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. minmike


    After reading through the definitions of each, I fail to see the difference in what they are indicating.

    Is the Bollinger band just a commodity channel placed around the moving average for the time period, or is there more of a difference between the indicators?

    Does anyone use both at the same time or is that just repeative?

  2. Volatility channels are an invitation to trading disaster. Why? Because volatility is volatile!
  3. Exactly, that is why I always say: - "Go ahead and use all sorts of channels, I need your dollars, euros etc., please, make my day!"

    :D :cool:
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    Okay, so you guys don't like either. Maybe I should have just asked a more general question.

    I have been trading for just over a year. I am trading pretty good size and happy with my results. ( Happy but not content.) for that year I have done minimal to no charting. I just purchased CQG to see if that would help and I'm trying to find what should go on the charts other than price to improve my trading. The strategy I use is a trend fading/ regressing to mean strategy.

    Any ideas what might help on the charts other than price?
  5. Duh. Simple shit works because it HAS to. Failure to make higher highs or lows. Higher highs or lower lows on lower volume. One last feeble run after a clear volume blowout. Breakouts after excruciatingly long consolidations which converge down to a tick.
  6. Oh, and hang on every word le Maitre says. One of the smartest fuckers here.