Bold prediction about FFH

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by IShopAtPublix, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. FFH will be either 290 or 270 by the end of the day today(it closed 322 yesterday. (slight chance it could make another hanging man but I doubt it)
  2. What nobody noticed my bold prediction made ahead of time? -28.93 (or 8.98%) made in one day. I was off by 3 dollars and change from my prediction of 290. On a stock that used to cost 300+ that is an error of 1 percent or less.
  3. Correction: The stock actually closed at 291.13 so my prediction was off by only 1.13. Updated stats are it lost 30.92 or 9.60% in one day.
  4. cszulc


    Nice call man. I actually saw this post this morning but didn't comment and waited to see the results.

    Again, nice call. Question is, where you short (guessing not considering this was a financial!)?
  5. You will find my explanation a bit strange but here it goes. I am actually in a position of 2 october 30 puts of James River Coal Co (symbol JRCC) The reasoning is as follows. I only had like 500 cash to begin with. So I bought them yesterday and today they increased by $300 dollars( I bought them for 520)

    The reason I did not buy October 320 Puts of FFH this morning or yesterday was because I did not have enough cash to pony up for them (they cost several grand but since the stock fell over 30 dollars it would have been a net profit of 3 grand on 1 PUT.