bol bands

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by terminator, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hi im using tradestation 2000i and putting bollinger bands on weekly charts.
    The problem is that i cant get teh same values on an excel spreadsheet as what tradestation gives me

    Is the formula for calculating bollinger bands different in tradestation or what?

    for example:
    Date o h l c
    23/02/2007 5942 6030 5924 6017
    2/03/2007 6023 6050 5752 5770
    9/03/2007 5736 5858 5614 5814

    tradestation gives me a bollinger (upper band) value on 09/03 of 6081 with settings Bol(open, 3, 1.5) but there is no way i can get this when calculating by hand. HELP!!!!
  2. BLOODY tradestation. it calculates bollinger band value for 1 stdev and another one for 2 stdev and and just goddamn averages them to give "1.5 standard deviations".

    stupid program