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    yesterdays rally was on less than half the avg volume...the only thing saving this market for now is the extreme bearish sentiment that is at 5 yr highs (44% bearish sentiment)..BTW, real estate is getting worse despite the rally. goes sideways and tanks tomorrow or next week.I bet theyll be another financial disaster over the weekend or monday morning.
  2. Agree, nothing has been corrected except for runs on some banks due to the Fed opening the discount window.
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    so they open the discount window and GS and LEH run right for it.....
  4. You know it's funny, but I have never been able to take volume to the bank. All of my gains are due to price movement. Let me know how much you make when you cash in that light volume.
  5. I don't know where you saw that. Volume for DOW was average, NAS-100 was heavier than the day before and SP500 volume was slightly less than average.

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    this market better pick up soon, after one of the best days in 5 years to see the market trading down like this makes investors heated....
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    I don't care about the volume much but there certainly is more disastrous/bad news to come, companies are not very forthcoming with bad news... it will hit a balance point pretty soon where everybody is aware of the problems, the solutions, and they will start thinking it's all priced in, stocks will rally into the election time....
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    imagine buying long this morning after all the talking heads last night said there was a bottom, that was about 2% ago....

  9. Was that less than half the avg volume for the NYSE (your market by measurement) because for the SP500 Index volume i have it at 70% (20% above avg) for the Index stocks in total and 70% (20% above avg) for the ES futures... strong day for both...

    I still think its a bear market rally just that the volume for those two were quite strong...

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