BofAmerica, After Receiving 45 Billion Taxpayer $, Raises Base Pay From 180k to 300k

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  1. Your title: Raises Base Pay From 180k to 300K

    Bloomberg's Title: Bank of America May Raise Investment Banker Salaries

    Sounds like they are having problems retaining people. All the smart people are leaving...
  2. Those f**kers are simply taking taxpayer money, skirting the bonus tax, and paying the ass clowns at that idiotic bank in a manner designed to get around that tax.

    Mind you, if BofA was NOT taking taxpayer dollars, I could care less if they paid these employees 5 million a year, 10 million, whatever.

    But these pieces of shit want to take 45 billion dollars from taxpayers, and pay the same ass clowns who can't tell a good loan from a bad loan the same or higher amounts of money?

    F**k them!!!
  3. Leaving and going where exactly?
  4. ARD45


    I would assume they are doing this because bonuses will be almost non-existent. Makes sense to me, but the publicity isn't really a good thing.

    Boutique firms. Better banks. Startups. Smaller/more discrete firms in general.

    It's been a very common topic of discussion lately.
  5. Yeah, good luck to them with all of that.
  6. Smart ? Is that why the economy is so great so they should stay to do it again ?

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    no fxxk YOU! Have you paid a single penny of your taxes into this government program. Have not all your taxes been used for the roads you drive on, the medical system that is maintained, defense spending to protect you....? Where is your additional dollars you spent to bail out anyone? never paid far. So until you do why dont YOU shut the fxxk up! Sick of those Joes on the street screaming just because its fashionable to do so right now...

  8. Who really cares. There's nothing anyone can do about it except whine and complain. I prefer the banks having the freedom to do what they want. If our government starts reaching their hands into every business in this country, we can say goodbye to freedom.

    I don't like the populist ideas of the day. Everyone wants to punish the rich, and blames the bankers for all their woes. It sounds more and more like Germany in the 1930's. Get over it, and make your own path. You don't need a good economy to make money. Start your own business if you can't find a job. Stop whining about banks making money and go out and make some of your own. The economy is really not as bad as everyone thinks. If you go out, people are still eating at restaurants, shopping at wal mart. Maybe they're just using more discretion with their money, which is a good thing.
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