BofA buys 300 website addresses

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  1. Pekelo


    Preemptive attack before Wikileaks releases the info:

    "Bank of America executives are so worried about a coming onslaught of criticism that they have registered hundreds of website names making fun of the company. Among the 300 addresses bought by the company in recent days are (Moynihan is the bank's CEO). "
  2. They would also need to buy up these Domains...


    or these


    somebody will find one they missed and ram it up their dishonorable Fiscal Integrity... :)
  3. zdreg


    cool. how much did they pay for them?
  4. Bob111


    300 is not enough. they have to buy more..way more..shouldn't be a problem to register something or there is domains in native languages :p
    the list can be pretty fucking long..This BoA move is just pathetic..:p
  5. S2007S


    This is sad, really fucking sad and pathetic that they have to buy 300 website addresses, it doesn't matter how many addresses bank of america buys someone is going to be creative and make one that sounds great. My question is if bank of america "thinks" they didn't do anything wrong why are they buying up these addresses. Makes them look even more guilty and much more pathetic for doing so.
  6. S2007S


    The unlimited possibilities of creating web addresses is huge, buying a small 300 web addresses isn't going to make a difference one way or the other.
  7. Now I really wanna know what else BoA has been doing to their customers.

    Seems like BOA's harsh defensive posture is saying that whatever Wiki is going to leak, it could be very damaging to BoA's reputation.

    Nothing surprises me anymore about companies like BoA

    A little over a yr and a half ago they were found to be purposely not telling customers(who were in the military) that they qualified for a some sort of interest rate discount on their credit cards bcuz of their military duties and financial hardships encountered away from home.

    Its totally grotesque to see an american company so well known as BoA that tries to fuck over their own ppl(especially our bros and sisters fighting for their country).

    Acts like these by corporate america make me sick to my stomach and make me wanna go postal on those bastards.

    The BoA's ceo and all the top execs should be lynched !!!!

    *** Now watch a few days from now the FBI will be at my door asking about my "postal" comment.... LOL
  8. I remember seeing something on TV, people protesting some action by BofA.

    They had slogans which read: BofA:Bankrobbers of America.
  9. LOL!! This is hilarious!!!

    Because what they've now done is create a contest for who can come up with the best name that skewers BofA that wasn't bought already!!

    All the winner gets is bragging rights, but that's enough!

    What a bunch of dumbasses....300 website names.....
  10. more like bankster theives wiping out the a crime scene.

    the truth must suck and must be terrible. or somebody going to jail if the truth is told. or released. or some is 'embarrassd;

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