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  1. Is business really that good for them and the airlines with higher gas prices? Apparently they have a bunch of buy contracts, but are laying people off in Kansas and have WTO probs. Why is the stock climbing?
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    Love this co. The airline industry isn't as sick as some make it out to be. The big carriers are losing market, while smaller regional carriers are growing, and making a profit. More and more people are's no longer just for the elite. I don't have any hard figures to back this up, but I would bet the average age of a commercial liner is near the oldest its ever been. Boeing has made a big bet with a new class of smaller short/medium range planes while Airbus is betting heavily on the new A380, which will carry 550 in the most likely configuartion.
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    Boeing is more a defense/weapon company imo
  4. GM, BA, & JPM have the highest P/E ratios (conversely, lowest yields) on the DJIA. GM I can somewhat understand and JPM is fine with my analysis, but BA???????? What does this say with current bond yields?