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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by d08, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. d08


    This is getting ridiculous, another Boeing emergency landing - this time with reported smoke.

    The evacuation was done using emergency slides with 1 person reported injured and the runway was closed for hours, so it definitely wasn't anything small. Add to that - ANA has grounded all of their 787 fleet of 17. I wouldn't be surprised if JAL and possibly other airlines follow tomorrow.

    Possibility of a major lawsuit is growing by the hour. Although, they might just negotiate a significant discount for future orders.

    Oddly enough the Toyota recall problems were much less serious yet the US govt went after Toyota in a fairly predatory manner.
  2. You need to have a Minimum casualty count of 20 before the US Government initiates an investigation. So until a 787 crashes you will not see any action.
  3. d08


    Both ANA and JAL have grounded the aircraft and FAA is "reviewing" it, so there is some action. The rate of these accidents is highly alarming, certainly not standard as it's portrayed to be.
    BA is down only 3% in premarket, that's way too little considering the recent events - I'd say it will end down more than the puny 3%.
  4. lwlee


    I agree with your assessment. But it's holding quite well right now. This is gonna be one of those slow burns.
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    I believe BA will tumble soon like 10%. Resisting at this price does not make sense. This is a huge issue. A very huge issue.
  6. lwlee


    At the moment, 74.50 looks like resistance but there is a intraday ascending triangle formation forming.