Boeing and Illegal Subsidies.

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  1. U.S. complies with WTO ruling calling for end to illegal Boeing subsidies

    GENEVA — The United States Trade Office says the U.S. government has responded to and complied with a World Trade Organization ruling that found the U.S. had provided illegal subsidies to Boeing Co.

    The U.S. and the European Union have been at odds over subsidies to the world's top two plane makers — Boeing and Europe's Airbus. A WTO panel has also ruled that European governments provided $18 billion in subsidies to Airbus, though not all were deemed illegal.

    The trade office claimed the U.S. had complied with the March WTO ruling by stopping select payouts to Boeing through NASA and the Pentagon, and by removing some beneficial tax and funding policies. It did not specify a cost of the measures.

    The EU said Monday it will review the U.S. compliance measures.

    Looks like Boeing is out of the illegal water - should see a nice spike upward in the price...

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  2. 1) The only thing Europeans hate more than Boeing is Lance Armstrong. :eek: :( :mad:
    2) They are douches. :cool:
  3. It is critical to state that Europeans hate all compassionately.

    The truth is that the contracts that are taking place on this massive scale to companies like Airbus and Boeing is out of proportion and stemming it from being classified as illegal to legal... that is with the new WTO guidelines that these companies will continue to get these massive deals and still be able to maintain as subservient and of the community type organizations.
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    With good reason, the guy (Armstrong) cheated and you're acting like the hate is somehow misplaced.
    I vote to remove any doping checks anyway, all sportspeople these days are taking something illegal but they just time it well, so it won't get detected.

    Boeing started this bull in 2005. A tax break is just another subsidy ;)
    I think Boeing found another way to circumvent the WTO rules so they are complying until the next complaint.

    Neither Boeing nor Airbus operate in a free market, they're heavily subsidized semi-governmental companies - typical for the defense industry.
  5. 1) Disagree....agree....don't know exactly for sure....agree. :cool:
    2) Are you "native European"? :confused:
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    What's native European?
  7. My Father used to think he was a Boeing 747
    I don't remember too much about him.
    He took off when I was five
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  9. Were you born, raised and still living in Europe? :confused:
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    Yes, yes and unfortunately, yes.
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