Boehner: Worst Negotiator In History?

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    Basically, the House republicans have given away every last bit of their bargaining leverage in their opening proposal. They argue it is a fair middle ground. Maybe it is, which is why it should have been saved until the last hour of the negotiations. Now Obama will simply use it as the floor for further concessions.

    Importantly, the republicans preemptively surrendered their biggest principle, opposition to tax increases. So no matter how this comes out, Obama has won. It's no longer a matter of no tax increases or the Bush tax rates apply for all or none. No, now it is how much higher? and they have to go to Obama for the answer.

    Morons. Cowardly clueless stupid hacks.
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    I wouldn't be so sure.

    The 800B in revenue is likely "targeted" and they don't specify how it will be achieved. With language that vague, I would think a promise to thoroughly search the Federal couch cushions may be the rubber meeting the road of that promise.
  3. I hope you're right.
  4. "I always wanted to be a negotiator, but I was talked out of it."

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    I don't get it. Here's some simple facts.

    1) Right now we are running budget dificits of at least $1.2 Trillion annually.

    2) Boehner's first offer to Obama which was rejected offered $4.6 Trillion in cuts over 10 years ($460 Billion per year) and a tax increase of $800 Billion over 10 years ($80 Billion per year) for a total of $540 Billion per year budget savings.

    3) Even if it were agreed to, that would mean our debt will still grow by at least $660 Billion every year. We were doing better under Bush's $500 Billion annual deficits that everyone said were sending us to the poor house and Obama promised to slash in half!

    Let's just go over the fiscal cliff and let God sort it out.
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  7. I offered to rent them my spine , guess they couldn't afford it, typical.

    What the fuck is it with these republicans ?
    When you are faced with a no win situation there is no rationale for not going "scorched earth" on your opponent.
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    They are as eager to spend as the Democrats. I'm opting out. Can't be bothered. I'll simply take what I need for now on. Simple.
  9. Truly I wish I knew how to "Atlas Shrug".
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    right, why should we really give a shit about a 'cliff' when we are over the edge already
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