Boehner: U.S. Will Not Default on Debt, But Congress Will Slash Spending

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    Boehner: U.S. Will Not Default on Debt, But Congress Will Slash Spending
    Published January 30, 2011 |

    The United States will not default on its obligations, but must reduce spending at the same time it raises its debt limit, House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday.

    Suggesting that lawmakers are willing to uncouple the debt ceiling from the spending debate so that the U.S. doesn't default on its loans...

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    In order to avoid defaulting on it's debt, it decides to print more money. How smart. How can you reduce spending and raise the debt limit at the same time? Just what the hell does that solve?
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    Boner is a has-been and a dope. Don't listen to him.
  3. Thankfully some light has penetrated the grotto called ET
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    Fed's in the red to China
    A very scary thought
    Not benign, a
    Contrary monetary shot
    To redesign a
    New world in which Beijing has bought
    The sway to say our rules of play may be for naught
    And someday will be fought

    "Bearish", by VersusPlus
  5. The republicans have had two massive opportunities since the election. They could have held out for making the Bush tax rates permanent but folded like a cheap lawn chair and let obama get don't ask don't tell repealed as part of the deal. Morons. Now they are preemptively surrendering their best leverage, the debt ceiling.

    Boehner is a classic country club republican, ready to sell out at the first hint of a fight. He should turn the gavel over to Bachmann.
  6. republicans first spending test:

    Republican who now leads the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Howard P. McKeon, fought back against proposed cuts in the Pentagon budget even as fledgling committee members supported by the Tea Party said that the nation’s debts amounted to a national security risk.

    “I cannot say it strongly enough: I will not support any measures that stress our forces and jeopardize the lives of our men and women in uniform,” Mr. McKeon said in an opening statement that followed up on a letter to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates urging him not to stop work on the Marines’ $14.4. billion Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, a combined landing craft and tank for amphibious assaults that Mr. Gates canceled this month.
  7. Here we go again - GOP's turn to prove they don't care about fiscal responsibility, either.

    Tweedle dum, tweedle dee.
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    Exactly. Yet people keep supporting the same old tired losers/money grubbing thugs who have led our country into chaos.

    Folks, wake up. If any politician runs for office and is against term limits, a balanced budget, and tax reform; then he is a fraud, a thief and a worthless shit.

    I probably couldn't name a single politician that I'd let past my front door.

    How much longer will this country continue to slide?

    Let's live by our constitution; and, where necessary, pass new amendments.

    Sing it with me: WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN......
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    Isn't it curious that practically all voters, regardless of party, are strongly in favor of both a balanced budget and tax reform, and virtually all politicians pay lip service to these goals; yet nothing of real substance gets done along these lines? Perhaps it's a symptom of a very disfunctional government.
  10. In a Righteous World...

    When Odumbo begs for "yet another $1.5T in deficits to spend"... The Republican/Tea Party majority house SHOULD say.... "F*CK YOU ODUMBO AND YOUR SOCIALIST SPENDING"... and allow no more than a balanced budget would allow.

    SOMEBODY better jam their finger into the dike before the dam gives way...

    :mad: :mad:
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